Office Handouts and Programs
from My Private Practice
(All handouts are formatted for half-sheets unless otherwise stated)

Feel free to use the information of these handouts as you may require. In my private practice, I actually developed each of these handouts using my own ideas and my own words. If you want to alter these for your own use, feel free to use any part of these handouts. There are plenty of forms and pamphlets that you can purchase, but I find it is more meaningful to me if I actually have handouts that reflect the words that I routinely use in my practice. I would suggest you do something along those lines, too.

At the bottom of the page (point number 12) is a written description of our Infant Visit program, which we initiated in 2001. These suggestions are not intended as recommendations for a universal infant program, but rather as an example of one such program.

  1. Ankylosis

  2. Child's Dental History Survey (each 2 full pages)
       A. For children under the age of 5
       B. For children over the age of 5

  3. Fluoride information sheet

   4. Trauma and Fractures of Anterior Teeth
       A. Fracture of permanent tooth
          B. Trauma sheet for primary teeth

  5. Parent Guidelines during Restorative Visits

  6. Preventive Composite Restorations versus Amalgam

   7. Psi-clone and Suck-cess (order form from Randy's Compouding and Nutrition Center- full page)

B. If you are NOT a Washington state dentist, go to this page for information

  8. Pulpotomy

  9.  Space Maintainers

10. Terminology

11. Suck-cess Program
      A. Parent handout (full page)
       B. Prescription form from Randy's Prescription Center (full page)

12. Infant Visit Program

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