For dentists who do NOT practice in Washington state

It is no longer possible for Brad Livingstone, R.Ph. at Randy's Compounding Pharmacy to ship prescription medicaments across state lines. As a result, he is not able to send you either Psi-clone or Suck-cess. However, Brad is willing to be of assistance to you by providing his formulations to a compounding pharmacist in your area who can then make these items for you without concern for shipping or delays. Here's how it works:

1. If you practice in the United States, call 1-800-331-2498 and you will reach the Professional Compounding Centers of America information line. You then ask them for a compounding pharmacist in your area by giving them your ZIP CODE. They will provide the name, address and phone number of any compounding pharmacist within 50 miles.

2. If you practice in Canada, call 1-800-668-9453. They will ask for your POSTAL ZONE.

3. Once you have contacted the compounding pharmacist in your area, you can give him/her the phone number, FAX number or e-mail address of Randy's Compounding Pharmacy in Olympia, Washington and Brad will provide the formulations for your pharmacist. Be sure to have your pharmacist ask for either Psi-clone or Suck-cess.

4. Brad's contact numbers and addresses are:

(360) 491-0607
FAX:     360-491-0629


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