We would like to inform you about the Fluoride prescription you have been
given. Please read the following important information for your child.


This form of fluoride (F) is mostly beneficial to the permanent teeth
developing in the jawbones. It hardens the enamel, thus making it more
resistant to decay. We recommend that children take them up to the age of
16, though, because studies now indicate there is also a topical benefit.

The prescription you have been given may be for tablets or drops. Your
child SHOULD NOT take these supplements if you live in an area where
the water is fluoridated. If in doubt, check with your utility district.

To maximize the benefit of fluoride, take the doses AS PRESCRIBED. Any
risks with fluoride are the direct result of improper use. Overdoses most
often appear as white spots or discolored areas on the permanent teeth.

                               DOSES FOR CHILDREN

The prescription form is prepared in a compound called Sodium Fluoride
(NaF). Each dose contains both sodium and fluoride. Here are the appro-
priate doses of NaF and the amount of F in each:

6 Years and older: 2.2mg NaF  (=1.0 mg F)
3 to 6 Years old: 1.1mg NaF  (=0.5 mg F)
0 to 3 Years old: .55mg NaF  (=0.25mg F)

                               TOPICAL FLUORIDES

All forms of fluoride other than the prescription are for topical use and
mostly benefit the surfaces of the teeth already visible in the mouth. Contin-
uation of these products (toothpaste, rinses, etc.) is encouraged as long as
they are NOT swallowed.

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