PERMANENT TOOTH

Your child has fractured a permanent tooth. Today's
treatment is a preventive procedure to reduce tooth
sensitivity and enhance the chances of the nerve's
complete recovery.

The exposed dentin (inner layer of the tooth) is usually
sensitive to cold and sweet things. As a result, we have
placed an insulating base material to thermally protect
the tooth. It is a bonded resin material that should help
keep your child comfortable.

If the tooth has no symptoms, a final bonded filling
 will be placed onto the tooth to replace the part that
 was broken away. The usual life expectancy of
 these bonded fillings is 3-5 years.

If any symptoms arise (particularly cold sensi-
tivity) be sure to call the office for followup.

Note: I actually DRAW on these diagrams to
demonstrate where the fracture occurred, relative
to the nerve, etc.

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