The purpose of your child's space maintainer  is to keep open
the space needed for a permanent tooth that has yet to erupt. It
will be left in place up to the time when the new permanent
tooth can be seen breaking through the gum tissues.

It is important that the child avoids chewing gum, eating sticky
things like taffy and gummi bears and hard items like corn nuts
and ice. These snacks can get wrapped around the wire or can
bend the wire, causing the appliance to break or become loose.
Your child should also avoid prying or poking at the wire with
his/her fingers.

Checking the space maintainer periodically will insure that it is
still properly placed. If it happens to break or becomes loose,
please be sure to call our office immediately so that we can
decide if the appliance needs to be recemented or remade.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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