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Heart Work is Not Hard
   (Volunteering to your highest good)

Local Program in Your Community or Office

Gospel Rescue Missions

•    300 Associated Missions around the US
•    Provided more than 240,000 medical and dental visits for the poor in 2006
•    Rely on volunteers and donations to run, 500,000+ volunteers
•    Allow you to set your own schedule, accept donated supplies
•    Release you of responsibility of accepting patients to your practice
•    Multiple Gospel Missions in EVERY state

Treat Patients in Your Office

•    Bring in patients who are in need from your local dental society
•    Help out your own patients who are having hard times
•    Agree to treat at no charge
•    Tell the patients you only want their discretion as your pay
•    Charge rent to establish that patients are NOT patients of record in your practice
•    Limit number of patients you will see
•    Sign up with Head Start, GKAS, ABCD programs (see details below on page 2)

Mobile Dental Clinics

•    These clinics have flexibility and advertising to access patients in need
•    Rely on volunteer dentists and auxiliary
•    Good for screenings, cleanings and some treatment
•    Rely on volunteer offices for management & involved procedures
•    Backed by schools, non-profit organizations or dental insurance companies
•    Great team project when the clinic is in your community
•    Allows you to schedule mobile clinic patients in your office

Sign up for existing programs

Give Kids a Smile

•    Website:
•    Website:
•    Look for “How to take your program to the next level”
•    Explanations for how to organize and sustain small, medium and large programs
•    ADA support for this program is very impressive

Project Stretch (requires membership-- contact organization for details)

•    Website:
•    Domestic programs to help those who returned to New Orleans after Katrina
•    Dental screenings/fluoride application to children of migrant workers in Boston area
•    Focus on education & sustainable fluoride programs for children
•    Provide urgent care and preventive sealants in some areas with portable dental units
•    Work with dental professionals in some areas to create ongoing care & fluoride programs

Kikuyu Hospital Dental Clinic in Kikuyu, Kenya

•    Website:
•    Volunteers come from around the world
•    Comprehensive care provided for children and adults
•    Dr. Nelson Malenya is director and open to correspondences

Honduras program

•    Website:    
•    Holistic ministry seeking to fill spiritual and material needs of the poor
•    Reach out in compassion with kindness
•    To schedule your own trip/team/mission, template available
•    Missions focus on dental, medical, construction of new health facilities & schools

Bolivia program (The Etta Project)

•    All work done in Bolivia
•    Dental teams are only part of a bigger program
•    Eye care, prenatal education, sanitary facilities are also being done
•    Contact director for dates of upcoming trips

Health Volunteers Overseas

•    Website:
•    Emphasis on instruction in dental schools and, in one location, patient care**
•    International programs:
o    Cambodia
o    Tanzania
o    Nicaragua
o    Vietnam
•    Housing is sometimes provided, usually not
•    Most commitments are for two weeks
•    The ADA works closely with HVO

Create Your Own Program

In Your Own Office

•    Gospel Missions, Mobile dental vans, free care on limited basis
•    Customize your own ideas with an existing program (GKAS, Headstart, etc.)
•    Focus on what you and your Team ENJOY doing
•    Have a release form to avoid “patients of record” problems
•    Spell out conditions of the agreement and have patients sign it

International Project—Zihuatenejo, Mexico

•    Locate a place that appeals to you or you have a special affinity to
•    Meet with ‘locals’ to help you make arrangements:  location to work,
                        customs, translation, equipment receiving, lodging
•    Many cities have sources for donation to help you out
•    Involve your dental team/friends/family
•    Involve other specialties creating teams; surgery, gerodontics, pedo…
•    Set up the program to do what YOU want; education, treatment, helping
                     build clinics, schools…
•    Infuse vacation time to give more to the community

International Project—Baja, Mexico

•    History—making critical contacts
•    Finding a space to work
•    Legalities
•    Proper documentation
•    Customs issues
•    Equipment
•    Supplies
•    Corporate sponsors

Summary oft Websites

Give Kids a Smile:
•    Website:
•    Website:

Project Stretch:
•    Website:

Kenya project in Kikuyu:
•    Website:

Hearts to Honduras:
•    Website:

The Etta Project:
•    Website:

Health Volunteers Overseas:
•    Website:

Check out the American Dental Association website for possibilities, too:
•    Website:

            Also be sure to try to google:

“Volunteer dental opportunities” (you can specify either domestic or international)

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