Thin, Rich and Satisfied-- Living Well Every Day

The overall theme of this program is Increasing the Flow of Good in Your Life –
Having More of the Life You Want and Less of the Life You Don’t Want

1.  Learn something new about yourself and your wellness
2.  Write your personal, individualized plan that supports living well
3.  Activate your life towards unqualified well-being
4.  Have fun.

The course will focus around four main areas: 

1.  Gratitude – How to Activate this Power on a daily basis
Personal illustrations
Practical tools
  Daily recorder
  Learn one word (no kidding) to use in every day speech to transform your life

2.  Thin is still “In” but how am I taking care of myself physically and mentally.
Body Image
  Pressure from all sides
  Big Money
  Self talk
  Weight loss trap
  Beyond vegetables and exercise
Eating vs. non-eating
Fun Tips for Daily Health
Challenges of working with other women
Participatory exercises
Hungers that aren’t fed with food
Behaviors of thin people
Living with myself today

3.  Richness. Am I rich?
Working from the inside out
How rich do I need to be?
Let’s have fun giving Mary Ellen’s money away
Participatory $$ exercises

4.  Answering the Question: What is My Best Self?
Clarifying personal values
Pinpoint goals
My future is now
Make a plan

There will be at least one chocolate break.


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