Mutual Aid Programs

There are few programs available to dentists that provide so much for so little. A Mutual Aid Program is designed to bring together a group of like-minded dentists to assist each other in times of challenges, such as disability and death. While these situations are never pleasant or easy to contemplate, they are a potentially devastating part of life-- something that might cripple a practice in the event of a protracted absence by the dentist. The group can agree to support each for any period of time they wish-- six months is the recommended period.  Dr. Psaltis helped to create the Puget Sound Pediatric Dental Practice Preservation group, which is an assemblage of pediatric specialists who have voluntarily come together to provide coverage for each other's practices in times of need. He developed a program that puts in place every administrative detail that a group would need to create a new Mutual Aid Program. This package includes:

Mutual Aid Contract
Roster of participants
Established rotation of coverage
Client letters for temporary and permanent disability as well as death
Step by step outline of procedures
Written directions to each member's office
Information letter to spouse of each member
Doctor information sheets

It is, of course, important to recognize that the success of a Mutual Aid group rests with the commitment of each member, so it is vitally important to understand that prior to beginning such a group, each member must be prepared to commit to coverage of a colleague, as dictated by the disability of death, not by the convenience of each participant. Given that such a group can literally keep a practice viable for extended periods of time, it may easily be viewed as an approach that is potentially more important than disability insurance. The insurance will provide a flow of income to the dentist, but does nothing to provide the care for the clients of that doctor. The Mutual Aid approach will handle all of these factors.

If you have a group that is interested in more information about this program, please contact Dr. Psaltis at his e-mail address at or call him at 360-413-5760.

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