Dental Consulting through PSILENT PRODUCTIONS

A private dental practice is the natural extension of the owner dentist. It is likely to project the characteristics of that owner through its policies, communication skills, manner of treating people and ways of providing care. It is my belief that a dental practice is a living entity unto itself and, just like every other living thing, needs attention and nurturing to keep it healthy. It has been my personal experience that practices can provide for the dentist and his/her family much more than a flow of income. There are quality of life issues attainable that are nearly beyond the imagination for the careful and conscious practitioner. It is this element that I would like to bring to anyone interested in a path toward greater satisfaction, more enjoyment, greater profitability and inner satisfaction. This approach may not be for everyone, but for any dental practitioner who has felt the pangs of disappointment, disallusionment or dissatisfaction with "how things are," this may be the breath of fresh air you need!

                                                                                                                                    Greg Psaltis

Dr. Greg Psaltis is available for consulting with private dental offices. His areas of expertise include communication skills, Team-building, dental systems for the private practice, the business of dentistry and a variety of other supporting areas in dental practice, including benefit packages, conditions of employment and  issues related to running a dental office as an employer. Dr. Psaltis can provide support to practices in numerous ways, but his principal goal is to come into offices to conduct on-site evaluations and to assist the doctor and Team toward creating a workplace that is enjoyable, fulfilling, profitable and efficient.

Dr. Psaltis has established consulting clients with whom he has worked in some or all of the above areas. If your practice is interested in his services, please contact Dr. Psaltis at any of the addresses listed on this website. It is recommended that an initial evaluation be conducted by the owner of the practice to assist in determining the areas in greatest need of attention. Once that has been established, then you may contact Dr. Psaltis by e-mail, telephone or regular mail to begin a discussion of how his consulting may proceed. There are many variations on how the process works. As a beginning, it is appropriate to print the following two files:


Complete the forms as directed and send them to Dr. Psaltis for evalution. Once this point has been reached, plans can be made to begin office visitations according to need and the focus thathas been determined.

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