Puget Sound Pediatric Dental Practice Preservation

If you have tried to contact Dr. Psaltis by both telephone and e-mail regarding the need for coverage for your doctor due to disability or death and have not heard from him, listed below are the phone numbers that he can be reached on the given dates when he is out of town and conceivably not within cell phone contact. Your first responsibility is to contact Dr. Psaltis by all means available to you.


In all cases, call my cell phone (the number is 360-789-1185) AND email me (gregpsaltis@hotmail.com). You can leave a message or text.

If you have not heard from him within three days, contact Dr. Andrew Kapust at the e-mail address and telephone number listed on your PSPDPP binder cover for assistance. He will know what to do to start the program.

am no longer listing my out-of-town locations as I can be reached by either cell phone or email anywhere I am. If I feel there might be a situation that an alternative contact might be useful, I will be sure to list it below. I have previously listed all locations when I have been out of town, but no longer feel this is necessary given that I obtain a cell plan wherever I go. At this moment, there are none of these, so again, call or email.