Puget Sound Pediatric Dental Practice Preservation

If you have tried to contact Dr. Psaltis by both telephone and e-mail regarding the need for coverage for your doctor due to disability or death and have not heard from him, listed below are the phone numbers that he can be reached on the given dates when he is out of town. Your first responsibility is to contact Dr. Psaltis by all means available to you.


In the United States, Canada and Mexico (my cell plan now includes all three at no extra cost) the number is 360-789-1185. You can leave a message or text.
In Austria, the number (for his Austrian cell phone) is: 011-43-650-282-1869

If you have not heard from him within three days, contact Dr. Andrew Kapust at the e-mail address and telephone number listed on your PSPDPP binder cover for assistance. He will know what to do to start the program.

Dates                                     Phone number                 Location

Mar 23-24, 2019                   (909) 625-0821                 Fairfield Inn and Suites, San Bernardino, CA

Mar 13-15, 2019                   360-789-1185                    Royal Villa, Mazatlan, Mexico

May 2-4, 2019                        360-789-1185                   Westin Book Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, MI

May 16-18, 2019                    360-789-1185                   Hilton Hotel, Anaheim, CA

May 22-28, 2019                    360-789-1185                   Kansas City, MO

Jun 5-12, 2019                       
360-789-1185                   Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on volunteer project

Jul 10-27, 2019                       360-789-1185                   Europe on vacation

Jul 28- Aug 4, 2019                Email me                         Mediterranean Cruise-- cell phone may not be availale

Oct 30- Nov 6, 2019               360-789-1185                   Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on volunteer project