Housing options

There are several options for groups coming down on the project. The one that is most popular is the Hotel Medano, which is provided by the Amigos de los NiƱos for the volunteers. It is very important to understand that the ADLN only provides housing for the true dental professionals who will be working on the project. Because some volunteers want to bring family members to see what volunteer work is all about, you must understand that the ADLN is unwilling to pay for what can be considered a family vacation. Please respect this. The Medano Hotel is located in town, making it easy for the volunteers to walk around town. Breakfast is included with the room and the hotel also has an espresso machine in the lobby for guests so that excellent coffee is available. Rooms are like hotel rooms in the US, with two people sharing a room. Here is a link to the Hotel Medano:


Some people choose to stay at the resort where my wife and I normally stay. We have had a timeshare at Playa Grande for many years and it is a substantial step up from the Medano. If you opt to stay at Playa Grande, it is entirely at your own expense. There is no funding for this. At Playa Grande, there is a beach, a spa, several pools, two hot tubs and a well-equipped fitness center. Depending on the time of year you choose to participate, the rates vary. Please understand that I am neither suggesting that you should stay at PG nor that the Medano is inadequate. It is simply an option. Here is the link to Playa Grande:


Finally, some volunteers have chosen to find a place of their own. I have no recommendations for this, but merely telling you that if neither the Medano or Playa Grande meet your needs, you are free to find a place of your own. Once again, the non-profit will not provide funding for this.

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